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Running Horse Ranch is located out in a peaceful, remote, mountainous wilderness, away from the wild hustle and bustle of LA. We are only a little bit more than one hour away from world famous Hollywood.

Adventurous, advanced, and intermediate horse riders from all around the world, enjoy spectacular riding trails, through a rugged wild, west country side and a lovely desert around the greater Los Angeles Area, on our surefooted Mustangs and Arabian horses.

Our ranch is family operated, and what makes our rides very special, we only cater to one party at a time! We only mix rider's if we truly know each party, and that they can really ride.

Each of our horses are members of our family, they are loved and enjoy a natural, holistic life style at our ranch.

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Wether you want to go out for a leisure trail ride, or looking for the challenge, several riding packages  are available to experience the beauty of the Western United States. Explore California's native trails, while on a lovely two hour ride on our busy trail network right here at the ranch, or buckle up and toughen out a 330 mile journey, going on a fifteen day riding expedition, across some of the most dramatic landscapes of the wild west in the USA.

Possibilities for some fast pace, with technique challenges, while discovering rugged mountains, ocean, and desert terrains.  Our skilled equestrians are sure footed, and offer plenty of endurance to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Running Horse Ranch is a fantastic equestrian destination, for alone traveling women!

Running Horse Ranch Sandberg Ride

The following cross country rides are only for seasoned equestrian riders:

Riders- please read our Riders Requirements on our Rates Page.


The following cross country rides are only for beginner/novice:


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5 of 5 stars

Had a fun time riding up steep inclines, narrow switchbacks and mountain ranges. Scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and varies from desert scrub to big treed forests with their dappled understory.. Horses surefooted and well trained. This place is Zen for riders looking to unwind and reconnect with the natural world. This is not your Grandpa's "trail ride".

Joan N. New Hampshire

“Enjoy Spectacular Endurance Horses and Wonderful Trails at Running Horse Ranch”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 1 week ago

We spent 4 days at Running Horse Ranch last week and had a wonderful time. I have done Equitours nationally and internationally and none of those horses could compare to RHR's top-notch, proven endurance horses in terms of performance, reliability, safety and temperament. Plus, the RHR team is very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable, and they take excellent care of their horses. I highly recommend this equestrian adventure for experienced, adventurous riders, whether you want to ride for one hour or one week!
Visited April 2016

Jane D. San Jose

Ride in the morning– see Hollywood in the afternoon!

Our unique location is only an hour away from fame and sightseeing.

Enjoy an adventurous cross country ride on our seasoned equestrians.

Our horses are responsive, well conditioned, sure footed, smooth, and calm in most situations!

Read about our horses:

Come and explore an astonishing forest while on horseback!

Please be advised, due to the nature of our trails, and long trot sequences, our riding tours are designed for experienced horse riders!

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Let us be your guide to famous Los Angeles area destinations!

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We compete at sanctioned endurance races and our horses are fit for competition.


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