4 Days/3 Nights Package

Itinerary for 4 Day /3 Nights Trail Riding Vacation Package:

4 Days/3 Nights, Three Riding Days

Self Catering  $892/ / Full Catering $1190

This package is also great for couples, where the second person is not a strong rider!- but has some experience in the past!

Weight limit is 190 pounds

  • Ranch Ride
  • Half Day Ride
  • Hollywood Movie Set Location Ride


Guest Quartes Running Horse Ranch

Guest Quartes Running Horse Ranch

Day One:

Arrive at the ranch between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

Total Trail Distance: 2 hours.
Ride Details: On this ride, you will be walking, some trotting, maybe a canter on the second loop.

Riders meet their assigned horse in the arena.  After a riding demonstration, riders will warm up in the arena. Afterwards we take riders out on our training track loop.

Riders will have the opportunity to ride trot sequences, climbing mountains, ravines, and possibly cantering.

Ranch Ride

Trail Riding

Day Two:

Pacific Crest Trail to Burnt Peak Trail Ride:

Total Trail Distance:  3-4 hours.
Ride Details: On this challenging ride, you will be walking, enjoying long stretches of trotting, and climbing long steep mountains.

This ride take's you on a long, steep 1,250 feet elevation gain. We will be trotting on the Pacific Crest Trail, riding through ancient forests and crossing magical meadows. Soak in magnificent, panoramic views across a desert, over to the the outskirts of the Sierra Nevada.



Day Three:

Hollywood Movie Set Trail Ride:

Total Trail Distance: 2 hours ride, include drive and lunch 6 hours
Ride Details: On this ride, you will be walking, climbing. This is a slow ride, due to a hilly, rocky and technically challenging terrain. 

We trailer the horses to this location. The famous rock formation are created by a long evolution from earthquake activity of the San Andreas Fault Line, and they appear in many Hollywood Movies, Television Shows and Commercials.

The views are impressive through the ears of our horses and the busy, winding trail switches back and forth and up and down.
Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to climb those bizarre rocks. In addition, the visitor center offers interesting information.

Running Horse Ranch

Running Horse Ranch