Mohave Desert Trail Ride

Full Day Ride Description 2 - 3 Hours:

This trail ride is also offered during the

We trailer the horses to the Antelope Desert.

Total Trail Distance: 8 miles, 12 km, 2.5- 3 hours riding, 4-5 hours with the drive,190pounds weight limit/ $210

Ride Details: walking, long stretches of trotting, flat ride, possibly cantering in river beds and sandy desert roads. ride is flat, with some short hill climbing


After hauling the horses to the Mohave Desert, we are saddling to experience a lovely desert ride!

Often a breeze picks up and follows while trotting over to the north side of Fairmount Butte. Lizards, rabbits, maybe a tortoise, or a pack of Coyotes could cross our way. We will meet for sure the bizarre looking Joshua Trees.

A short but tough climb right on the mostly breezy tip of "Shepherd Watch Out Hill" will not only offer you an heavenly view, you will be also get a grand opportunity to take some amazing pictures. With a little luck a stronger wind breeze often plays with the mane and tail of the horses against the beautiful California blue sky.

We will take a moment to connect deep with the surrounding!

After a short, steep down climb we trot a couple of miles over to the hay smelling alfalfa fields.

Crossing carefully a rocky riverbed- to not to disturb maybe some tiny wildlife living under some rocks, we add up another short climb on to Indian Butte! This climb is somewhat tricky, since the horses have to watch out not to step on a sharp rock or, an unforgiving, thorny cactus.

Up here, we get spoiled one more time with a view of the surrounding mountain chains before we head back to the trailer!


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Antelope Desert