6 Day/5 Night Package

Itinerary for Five Day Trail Riding Vacation Package:

6 Days/5 Nights, Five Riding Days 47 miles, 75 km

 Explore on five riding days, Southern California's incredible landscape!

We offer two packages:


1. This package is for riders, which would like see California's beauty on horseback, during a

47 miles/75 km, journey, Weight Limit 190pounds

Self Catering $1320/ Full Catering $1770

Experienced Riders only!


2. This package is for the serious rider, who wishes to go on a real challenge! You'll cover a lot more miles, while discovering a remote mountain wilderness, and a stunning desert terrain!

60 miles/96km Weight Limit 190pounds

Self Catering $1850/ Full Catering $2850

Experienced Riders need to be fit!

Please plan to arrive during the morning hours, arrival should be no later than 10am



 Arrival at Running Horse Ranch between 2.00p.m. and 2.30p.m.

We meet in our ride office and discuss the plan for the week coming ahead.

Running Horse Ranch

Day One:


Ranch Ride Ride:

Ride Time: about 2 hours/ 6 miles, 10 km
Ride Details: mix of walking, trotting, possible cantering, climbing hills up and down.

Riders meet their assigned horse in the arena. Riders get a riding demonstration, before mounting. After a warm up in the arena we take our guests out on the trails.

Our wilderness ranch trails offer the possibility of a mix of walk, trots, canters, climbing, riding switchbacks up and down, passing through ravine and dry river beds  on our inviting hill sides. You'll enjoy fantastic views all around, while exploring our rugged track. You have a great opportunity to test you horse, for the coming riding days.


Day Two:

Pacific Crest Trail to Burnt Peak Trail Ride:

Total Trail Distance: 9 miles,14 km,
Ride Details: 3-5 hours, 1250 feet of elevation gain, and climbing, trotting 1200 feet incline.

This ride will take you on a long 1,250 feet elevation gain, you'll enjoy long stretches of trotting on the Pacific Crest Trail, riding through ancient forests and crossing magical meadows. Enjoy panoramic views all around.

Opportunity: After the ride you could take a drive to the ocean and take a stroll over the Ocean Board Walk in Venice Beach.

Running Horse Ranch Sandberg Ride

Running Horse Ranch Sandberg Ride

Day Three:

Hollywood Movie Set Locations Trail Ride:

Total Trail Distance: 5 miles, 8 km, Up to 6 Hours.
Ride Details: On this ride, you will be walking, and climbing. This is a slow ride, due to hilly terrain. 

The famous rock formations, are created by a long evolution from earthquake activity of the San Andreas Fault Line, and appearing in many Hollywood Movies, Television Shows and Commercials.
The views are impressive through the ears of our horses and the busy, winding trail switches back and forth and up and down.
Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to climb those bizarre rocks. In addition, a visitor center offers interesting information.

We arrive back at the ranch in the afternoon.


Day Four:

Antelope Desert Trail Ride

Total Trail Distance: 8 miles, 14 km, 5-8 hours.
Ride Details: On this ride, you will be walking, long stretches of fast trotting, maybe some cantering.

You will enjoy long fast stretches of trotting in river beds and wide desert roads. If everyone is safe, we possibly will go for a canter.



Opportunity: Afterwards, take a scenic drive to the Hollywood Boulevard and see the famous hand and foot prints of the stars, while enjoying a walk over the "Stars of Fame".


Day Five:

Pacific Crest Trail to Sandberg Trail Ride

Total Trail Distance: 15 miles, 24km, depending on the pace we can go 4-8 hours.
Ride Details: walking, enjoy long stretches of trotting, elevation gain 1700" climbing, a challenging ride.

This ride will take you on a long 1700 feet elevation gain. You'll enjoy long stretches of trotting on the Pacific Crest Trail, riding through ancient oak forests, and crossing magical meadows. You'll be enjoying stunning views and possibly find the opportunity to watch some wildlife. This ride will take you through a very remote area. We meet the horse trailer at Sandberg. After loading the horses in the trailer we head back to the ranch.


Day Six:

Check out time is 10.30 am. Enjoy you're breakfast, visit the horses and afterwards it is time to say goodbye .