Mommy and Me Classes


Running Horse Ranch

Running Horse Ranch

This package is a for Mommy and Me!  Allow about 2 hours of your time! $190 for mom and one child, each additional rider $90

Saturday 9.30am: Please call for reservations,  Enjoy a ride through a oak covered trail labyrinth! The kids having a wonderful time, exploring the great outdoors, while on the pony. Afterward, kids are invited visiting our petting zoo!

Arrive at the stable at 9.30am.

Meet your saddled horses/ pony in a arena. Ride host will assist you in mounting and explain some few rules while on the pony and horses.

Moms and Kids discover the rugged, bushy oak covered trail, while hand lead! Depending on how safe the riders feel, you’ll discover a fun mountain climb, riding switchbacks, and crossing rocky riverbeds.

After this exciting fun ride the kids are invited to visit and to listen to the story’s of our little goat family, “Mister Thornten”, “Domino”, “Trousers”, “Billy”, “Blueberry”, “Piggy Girl” our pig, “Luzy Goosy” our Goose, “Rafael” our ruster, and “Nina” our Peacock.