Short Weekender Ride

Itinerary for short Weekender:


This package ride, is designed for guests, which would like see California’s beauty on horseback, during a

short 18 mile journey. Discover an rugged, mountainous wilderness, with impeccable views- across the Desert and Los Angeles!

Weight Limit 190pounds,

Full Catering $415

Arrive around 12pm, during winter month- November trough March/ Arrive around 3pm in April, Mai, September, October/ Arrive 4-5pm in June, July, August

Experienced riders! Trail is fairly easy to handle!

Ride includes one night stay in our cozy two bedroom ranch cottage,  the Ranch Ride, the Half Day Ride to Burnt Peak, pizza dinner/ salad, continental breakfast, and a lunch at our Biker pup Rock Inn in our little town of Lake Hughes for lunch after you return from the Half Day Ride to Running Horse Ranch!

Explore our adventurous, cool, fun, trail labyrinth on the ranch, on day one!

Horses will be waiting saddled up for guests near the arena. Riding host will give you a riding demonstration, before you mount your horse! You’ll find plenty of time- to bond with your mount…

Afterwards we go out on the rugged, vast ranch trails. Riding will be mixture of walking, trotting, maybe a canter, riding through idyllic oak covered winding trails, climb mountains up to ridges, to follow the spine of turtle mountain- up and down, switchbacks, ditches and dry river beds.

The mountainous scenery, in the beautiful evening sun, is usually shining. It will take you out- of you everyday working day, and lift  you up, in an other world.

After your ride, relax in your swinging chair, wrapped up in a cozy blanket- maybe by a glass of wine. During the hot summer month, refresh your-self in our cowboy pool, while sitting and watching, California’s beautiful star loaded sky!

Next morning, a continental breakfast will be served-, coffee, and orange juice, will prepare you for the Half Day Ride to Burnt Peak.

Horses are already saddled up and ready to go by 8.30am. We head out for an adventurous ride to Burnt Peak….

We begin with a long incline, including some few really steep grades, up this mountain!

After this 1250 feet elevation climb we rest for a moment up on the incredible scenic ridge to view the Antelope Desert.

Running Horse Ranch

Running Horse Ranch

After this long climb horses, get a moment to catch there breath…Soon we enter the trail head of the famous Pacific Crest Trail. The next four miles offers you a challenging opportunity for some long trotting sequences. We will trot if we can, but walk if we must.


Arrived in Burnt Peak Junction, we allow the horses to graze for a moment, and take a brake, while enjoying scenic view, over to Los Angeles, across hundreds of mountain ridges. A safe descend will be on a fire road. The horse trailer is parked at Bushnell Summit.


Lastly- a lunch will be served at our restaurant, biker pup the Rock Inn- in Lake Hughes!