Our Horses

Our Passion is Long Distance Endurance Riding

For this type of strenuous riding we condition our horses on the ranch on a variety of trails. We climb up long grades in the mountains,  and trot along the ridges in higher elevations. In addition we haul the horses across country to attend different long distance rides. Those opportunities make our horses very experienced and we want to share our  wonderful rides with our riding guests from all around the world.

We are members of the American Endurance Ride Conference and compete in their events.

The horses are responsive, sure-footed and, smooth. Riding feels like cruising down the trail, the saddles are comfortable for those long riding days, you just sit and relax while your horse carries you focused down the trail.

We ride in groups of 2 to 5 riders only. Since the horses live together in the pasture they get along well out on the trail. To keep them sharp, we only allow experienced equestrians to take them out on the trail.

Our horses are kept in a herd environment. They live on large pastures with large run-in covers. Since we ask a high level of performance out of our riding horses, we only feed them the highest quality of  feed. Plenty of fresh water and salt blocks are always available as needed.

our horses
our horses