Quad Adventure

Quad/ ATV Tour

Okay, you don’t want to ride a horse, but also do not want to miss out on an adventure to explore mountains, or desert?

All tours are lead by an experienced guide- No, we do not let your drive alone on our remote mountain terrain.

Our tours are incredible scenic, and can be on few places technical. We use big machines, which are heading up with ease the mountain roads. Some climbs are going up to 10 miles! All our machines have an electric start, four wheel drive and are automatic. There is no shifting, except if you wish to go in reverse. We will provide you with detailed driving instructions, helmets, and gloves. Before you head out on the trail you can practice right here at the ranch!

Just bring a sense of adventure, and let’s have some fun!


Mountain Explorer/ easy/ $100

please allow 2 h of your time/ 18 miles/ 1 person minimum/ valid driver’s license, minimum 21

No experience needed, we teach you on the ranch first.

This tour takes you up a windy mountain road. Enjoy a climb up to 5900 feet in elevation. The views will take you breath away. Complementary Water/ Snack included !

Canyon Journey/ experience needed/ $190

please allow 3-4 hours of your time/ 25 miles/ 2 people minimum/ valid driver license, minimum 21

Drivers should have experience with ATV/ bikes ! This trail is very technical and not for people who are frightened or scared of steep cliffs. It goes up and down through very remote mountains, trough riverbeds and canyons. Breathtaking scenery, very adventurous!  We take off from the ranch with truck and trailer, unload at the trail head for take off, and will end up back at the ranch.

Indianer Jones Trail $190

please allow 3-4 hours of your time/ 33 miles/ 2 people minimum/ valid driver license, minimum 21

Take of from the ranch and climbing up to 5900 feet. It has some few technical difficulties, but since we take our time everyone can easy overcome those. This ride is very scenic, your views reaching almost to Death Valley and Los Angeles! We will take a rest stop in Indian Camp.

Motocross Park $190

please allow 3 hours of your time/ 20 miles/ 2 people minimum/ valid driver license, minimum 21

Very easy terrain, great for people which looking for an easy ride, but can be challenged when going on some trails with some technical obstacles.. This ride runs through one of Americas Top Notch Motor Cross Parks. Possibility’s for meeting monster trucks, fast dune buggies and acrobatic bike rider’s. This park is designed for all kinds of riding level, we meet riders which enjoy motocross activity’s very regularly. The trails terrain is from easy to difficult.

Meet us at location!

Sunset Mohave Ride $ 170

please allow 3 hours of your time/ 50 miles/ 2 people minimum/ valid driver license, minimum 21

Romantic drive with expansive views across a panoramic desert. Soak in the freedom of a wild west spirit.

Possibility’s for a fast pace, but there will be no racing. However we pick up the speed for while, while crossing the aqueduct. The huge Manza Windmill Farm will be our destination. The mills sticking out like asparagus sticks across the exotic desert. After exploring the roads around the fields, we are heading back in to the sunset, often against some cross winds!

The bizarre looking Joshua Trees, are native to the desert and will not leave you unimpressed!

We meet at the ranch and take of from here with if you have a valid driver’s license, or meet us at location.