Canyon Explorer

Canyon Explorer

Trail Ride Details:

E-mail or call for reservation,

Ride Time:  around two hours /$90
Ride Details: walking, trotting, possibly cantering, climbing up and down mountains.

This ride is only for intermediate, advanced riders! 

After a riding presentation from your guide, you'll get plenty of time to test ride your assigned horse in a ring. We'll make sure the saddle/ stirrups fits your seat properly, and you feel safe on your horse.

Afterwards we hit the trails.

You'll find possibilities riding a mix of walk, trots, canters, climbing up and down mountain ridges, riding a variety of switchbacks on some challenging hillsides while enjoying some impeccable forest views, crossing rocky river beds, ravines and ditches, and discover our exotic yucca garden trail.

Your riding skills could be challenged, if you wish- or just enjoy the ride at a slow pace, while exploring a pristine mountain scenery .

With some luck we maybe watching some wildlife, like deer, mountain lion or a eagle flying in the sky.

Running Horse Ranch

Running Horse Ranch



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