Requirements/ Rates

Rates and Rules for Trail Rides and Vacation Packages


Advanced/ Intermediate Riders- What does this mean?

All riders please read carefully: An intermediate/ advanced rider has a solid riding background for at least one year/ twice a week somewhere in the past! Advanced riders do know how to saddle up a horse, understand completely how to lead a horse, have fundamentals about ground work, spend hours in the saddle as a trail rider, hunter/ jumper, foxhunting, dressage rider, western rider, polo player and so on.

It is also not enough- in some cases- that you own a horse, which maybe lives in your back yard. You will have to proof that you have a background to ride our challenging trails!

If you do not understand, what all this means which is mentioned in this sentence above, you are NOT an advanced/ intermediate rider. We have guest riders arriving claiming they are intermediate/ advanced, but clearly have no further skills as using the words intermediate/advanced to sneak in, to experience a faced paced ride.  This experience will not happen for you- sorry!

However, we welcome happily our beginner riders to experience a charming ride, which still is the greatest challenge/ adventure in Southern California, due to our extraordinary trail system. We allow you to ride on our training's track, were our endurance performance horses get prepared, for the some of the toughest marathon races in the Western United States!

If you are a beginner rider, but claimed a advanced/ intermediate equestrian- you will have to pay the full amount, and receive no money back if booked a half-day ride, full day ride, or riding vacation.

Rules for our Cross Country Trail Rides

Due to the steepness of our trails, we ride in English saddles, however some of our guests prefer a western style saddle- we can offer you both.

Our rides are not the typical nose to tail dude ranch family rides, we operate not like a commercial / industrialist business; Our interest is strictly to share remarkable rides in a beautiful nature setting, on our wonderful performance horses, with our guests from all around the world!

All our rides for first time guests, begin in a safe fenced in arena. We match horse and rider carefully together, according to their size and past riding experience. A small rider will be fitted with a horse of his/her size, while a tall person will be fitted with a bigger size mount.  A instructor demonstrates a riding presentation and you are welcome to ask question before you mount. You'll test your appointed horse with some trotting loops, leading him/her around barrels, riding circles, and so on. Our guest love this concept, since it allows them time to bond with the horses before they hit the trail. There is no time pressure in the arena! We leave the arena and ride the miles according to the booked ride- with exception of the Canyon Explorer! So please do not come in a hurry and bring plenty of time with you!

On each ride you will see mileage and hours. Example would be for the "Half Day Ride" 9 miles, 3.5- 5 h. What does this means? Mrs. Smith rides the 9 mile "Half Day Ride" in 3.5 hours- because Mrs. Smith enjoys a faster pace with lots of trotting while Mrs. Pratt enjoys his ride easy going with stops here and there for taking picture, - mostly walking. So she will take the full 5 h ride time.

For a fast paced ride:

  • you need to be able mount and dismount unassisted
  • demonstrate controlled rain management
  • demonstrate a posting, or two point position, balanced- while trotting
  • cantering balanced while in a two point position
  • have a solid control over you mount
  • be confident



Beginner/ Novice/ Riding Lessons Rider Rules

All our beginner rides starting out in the arena. Horse and rider will be matched according to their size. We treat our beginner riders the same like our seasoned riding guests in an effort for them to learn. The stirrups will be adjusted to fit their leg size. A riding demonstration will be provided, before you mount. To ensure a safe experience we hand lead our rides at first. This gives a beginner/ novice a feeling of safety!

As soon we head out on the trail, the beginner rider will encounter- if he is ready- obstacles like mountain climbing, riding switch backs, ravines, riverbeds, horses stepping over logs. It is a very natural and fun way of learning how to balance safely in the saddle!

As soon we see you have good control over you seat, we allow our beginner rider at a next session to manage the reins in a fenced in arena. A novice rider can learn this way playful and safely proper rein management, while working on securing a seating position. Our lessons are a combination of arena and trails. Each lesson ends on the trail!



Rates for the Day Rides

Following rides are suited for beginners:

Two Hour Beginner Ride/ Adult/  Children/ Toddlers, this ride walks only $90

Mommy and Me Classes This ride is quoted for two people $180

The following rides are for skilled, accomplished, riders, which are confident, independent, balanced seated, comfortable at all paces, controlled rain management while riding on challenging, demanding trails:

Ranch Ride- 2h/ $90

Half Day Ride- Burnt Peak, 3-5 h/ 9 miles $170

Half Day Ride- Bear Camp, 3-6 h/ 11 miles $190

Full Day Ride,  Sandberg, 5-8 h/ 15 miles, $290

Full Day Ride, Lake Hughes, 4-8 h/17 miles $350

Los Angeles- Sunland Ride, 3-4 h, 10 miles $450

Mohave Desert Ride, 2-3h, 8 miles, $230



2- 4 - 6 - 10 Day Vacation Packages: Rates are per person,  guest quarters accommodation and trail rides:


Short Weekender Package/ includes full catering/ $ 415

Four Day Vacation Trail Riding Package/ self catering $892 / full catering $1190

Six Day Vacation Trail Riding Package/ self catering $1320/ full catering $1770

Ten Day Vacation Trail Riding Package/ self catering $1977/ full catering $2795

Eight Day Trail Riding & Site Seeing Package/ self catering $1560/ full catering $2280

Endurance Riding Package/8 days,7 nights/ single room occupancy/ self catering $2570/ full catering $3270

Children's Horse Camps/ 7 days, 6 nights/  full catering $1560


We do offer full catering on the ranch during your stay.

We also will offer the following services during your stay for meals/groceries if you want to cater for your self and you have no car rental:

  • Your accommodation comes with a kitchen.
  • You have the choice of restaurants to dine at, during your stay.
  • We will give you the opportunity to shop for groceries before you arrive at the ranch.
  • In addition, we stop at groceries stores while we are on the road with the horses during our rides.


Running Horse Ranch offers also transportation from airport, car rental or hotel $150 per car


Payment Details:

We require a 50% down payment on all of our day trail riding & vacation packages. The remaining 50% due can be paid when you arrive at the ranch.

Gratuity for one guide per rider 10% -15% would be also greatly appreciated.

These rates quoted are for staying in our guest cottage at Running Horse Ranch. Does not include any trail rides or day trips. Use these rates for guests wanting to stay at the ranch, and enjoy their own schedule of activities.

  • 4 Days/3 Nights $450.00
  • 6 Days/5 Nights, $680.00