Running Horse Ranch Testimonial

July 2015

Dear Daniela,

It has been wonderful with you.Your love to your horses, your commitment and your passion for what you do made our stay so special to me and Alice. We enjoyed the trails; so well chosen; the different landscape and my Mustang Mirage! I trusted him 100%. He gave his very best. It has been such a pleasure.

Thank you for your help keeping Helmut and the boys busy, they enjoyed coming to LA while we were riding.

I will take you home to Sambia, Africa, where we live.

Keep up the fantastic job, all of you and see you again!

July 2015


Running Horse Ranch Testimonial

March 2015

Dear Daniela,

Thank you so much for having me here. The trails were just amazing, full of unforgettable scenery... your horses are exceptional. gentle and safe, but also willing to work and go forward on those long hills! I loved how you and your girls handled them.

The guest house is great and comfy.

You provided me also with great ideas on what to expect in riding.

I loved spending time with you, your lovely daughters and hope to come back next year.

March 2015


Running Horse Ranch Testimonial

February 2015

Dear Daniela, Thank you for these wonderful days with the girls and all the horses at the Running Horse Ranch! It has been a fantastic holiday on horseback, now I know what I've been missing all along.

If I get back to LA again, I'll be in touch .

Lieben Dank fuer Alles<

Vera v.H. February 2015

Hamburg, Germany


Running Horse Ranch Testimonial

May 2015

Dear Daniela, I took horse back riding lessons years ago to visit different riding barns all across the world. My travel for business brings me to many wonderful locations. Running Horse Ranch was for sure one of the best. I admire your interaction with your horses, the endurance, kindness, easy handling, sure footed on the challenging trails, the saddles as well the tack. You choose some tough trails which makes the rides wonderful challenging, no city slicker trip. The warm charming cottage permitted me to work and watch the horses playing in the pasture as well. I can't wait to visit LA next year again to ride the magical trails all over with my trusted mustang mare Dasany.

Thanks for the shirts,

Untill then, happy trails

Loisa K. May 2015
UK, Birmingham


Daniela, Have really enjoyed our stay @ your ranch. ( February 2016)

The scenery is breathtaking and the trails are something out of the land of enchantment! Thanks for reminding me taking my time with the horse pays of in critical situations. Your horses are truly exceptional providing expert skills on demanding trails, which made us feel save on some pretty difficult challenges!


Jean, Lee


Anthony Mac ( April 2016)

 Hi Daniela,
Thank you for the great time and introducing me to the sport of endurance riding. With your enthusiasm and boundless energy, you and Ichella are the best ambassadors to the sport. 
Thank you for the pictures you sent.
All the best wishes to you and your family of horses and people, i will be in town and will be ride with you again!
Donna Di Palo ( April 2016)
Dear Daniela, Ricarda, Ichella & Bonalee!
You need to know that this trip from Baltimore was so worth it to spend those two days riding with you Daniella. Sorry i missed Day 1 due canceled flights riding with you. Riding at Running Horse Ranch made well up for it. Amazing walk, trot, canter up the mountains, loved the switchback, challenges on my wonderfull mustang mare Dasani. She made me fell so save! she took good care of me on those rough cross country trails!
Even riding for the last 65 years i learned much more from you and the interaction of you, the girls, and the horses. I will never never forget…don’t pat, stroke.
I will go home with wonderful memories at Pemlico Racetrack for the charity ride but this time i will ride with chaps.
Lastly turning all the horses, ponies, loose, to graze friendly around our cottage was the best.
Thank you, thank you, i hope i return some day again!
Love to all of you
Burnt Peak Ride

Burnt Peak Ride