Hollywood Movie Set Locations Trail Ride

Full Day Trail Ride 6 Hours:

Trail Ride Details:

This trail ride is offered  during our

We trailer the horses for this ride to the Palomar Mountain Range.

Total Trail Distance: 8 miles, 12 km, up to 3 Hours. 6 hours with the drive.
Ride Details: On this ride, you will be walking, climbing, short trotting. This is very challenging, due to hilly, rocky terrain.

After loading our trail partners this morning in to a trailer, we enjoy a scenic drive passing typical American Ranch country side!

Arrived at world famous film location, let's explore the stunning rock formations, created by a long evolution from earthquake activity of the San Andreas Fault Line, appearing in many Hollywood Movies, Television Shows and Commercials.
The views are impressive, breathtaking through the ears of our horses.The busy, winding trail switches back and forth and up and down.




The ride will make us hungry so we will possibly enjoy under a large oak tree a deserved picnic- lunch meal.
Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to climb those bizarre rocks. In addition, a visitor center offers interesting information.

Vasquez Rocks